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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sometimes We're All Just a Little "Winning"

Thank you, Charlie Sheen, for giving me a new word for the year. Last year's word was "fail." This year's word is "winning!" I like it: nothing you do can possibly be wrong or a failure - you're just "winning" in a different way.

Here are some good examples:
  1. I don't fail at blogging because I haven't updated this thing in a couple of months. I'm just "winning" at doing other things.
  2. I don't fail at being a good law student. I'm just "winning" at being more like a normal person (which, obviously, is the antithesis of a law student).
Take that as my "I'm a rock star from Mars" version of an apology for not being more consistent with my craft blogging.

So - ready to hear what I've been up to? (It's not nearly as exciting as you think it's going to be.)

I'm not actually sure. Time-wasting. Spending time with friends. Doing minimal studying.

The main thing that's consuming my thoughts right now is: decorations for my new apartment that I'll be moving into in May! (If you guessed that"federal courts," "security devices," or "insurance bad faith penalties" was consuming my thoughts, clearly you were wayyyy off base...)

Basically, I want my new apartment to look like a Pottery Barn catalog exploded on it. One problem: Pottery Barn is way out of my price range. My creative solution has been to find items I like on the Pottery Barn website and then scour the internet for a comparable and AFFORDABLE alternative.

My two best finds so far:
(sorry - no photos, because that would probably be copyright infringement)
In my next few posts, you can look forward to some home decor-related crafts, particularly crafts involving spray paint, chalkboard paint, and/or mason jars.

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