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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Diamonds In Squares

The Project:

A detailed design by my favorite cross-stitch pattern designer, Teresa Wentzler. I like that the pattern features a few specialty stitches and beads, and I LOVE the juxtaposition of geometric shapes and a floral motif. Not sure what I'll do with the finished product. A throw pillow, maybe?

My Progress So Far:

Other Comments:

In addition to this pattern, I also bought myself the Teresa Wentzler patterns for miniature Spring, Autumn, and Winter samplers. They feature cut-outs, numerous specialty stitches and beading, and all kinds of neat, new techniques I'm dying to try. But I have to finish this project first before I can work on those. I'd already bought the embroidery floss for Diamonds in Squares, so it had to come first. Of course, I also have to finish that wedding sampler. And a couple of knitting projects. And law school. And the MPRE. And the bar exam. In short, my calendar is full and my craft bins runneth over.

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