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Friday, December 10, 2010

Merry and Bright: Chunky Winter Scarf

The Project:

I found this project in my new knitting book obsession: The Knitter's Year by Debbie Bliss. It has 52 knitting projects that take around a week, organized by season. My rule for knitting books is that I won't buy the book unless there are more than 5 patterns in it that I would actually consider knitting (otherwise, I just check the books out of the public library to use the one pattern I need). This one had about 30 patterns that I actually wanted to knit. Think clothespin bags, door-draft stoppers, pencil cases, tote bags, and throw pillows in addition to the requisite scarf, hat, and mitten patterns. Love, love, love this book.

Anyways. The project.

This scarf is an Aran-style pattern of chevrons, seed stitch, and bobbles knitted in a chunky yarn. The pattern has a 16 stitch repeat and is actually very simple. I think that it would be a great pattern for someone who was new to cable knitting and who wanted to learn how to use a cable needle.


Yarn: as a substitute for the yarn used in the pattern (Debbie Bliss Como), I used Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande in a beautiful bright RED.

Needles: size 10 (I sized down a bit, because the yarn I used is less bulky than the original yarn.)

My Progress So Far:

Close-up of the Pattern:

Other Comments:

Since starting this scarf, I've finished about 2/3 of it....and started working on a lace stole. I now have 2/3 of a scarf and 1/10 of a stole. Fail. Good thing I finished knitting my mom's Christmas scarf months ago (and successfully fibbed when she saw me knitting it: "No, this isn't for you! It's for me! You don't like that many colors..."). I gave her the "My So-Called Scarf" featured in a previous post. Very tricky of me. (And yes, I made her open her present early. It's only cold enough for scarves in Louisiana for about 2 months out of the year, so I wanted her to be able to use the scarf for more than a month.) This lovely red scarf, on the other hand, is actually for me.

To Nancy Ketner: I'm so impressed that you check my blog every day for updates. I apologize for not being as consistent in my posting as you are in your blog reading!

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