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Monday, December 20, 2010

Boxed Eyelet Lace Stole

The Project:

I found this pattern in the Early Fall 2010 issue of Vogue Knitting International magazine. I've knitted things with lacy elements in the designs before, but I've never made anything that was entirely worked in a lace pattern. This stole has a boxed eyelet lace pattern that the magazine aptly describes as "deceptively simple," with razor-point edging.


Original Yarn: Alpaca With a Twist Fino in #2001 royal velvet

New Technique Used: Open Cast-On

This stole uses an open cast-on so that you can go back and add the razor-point edging to the cast-on edge after finishing the edging on the other end of the stole.

Instructions on how to do the open cast-on from Vogue Knitting:

My Progress So Far:

Other Comments:

This is my second try knitting this particular stole and my third try at knitting lace in general. The first time I started this stole, I left off of the pattern in the middle of a repeat and was never able to figure out where in the pattern I stopped (even though it's only a 5 row repeat). The other lace garment I started knitting just "didn't look anything like the picture" and I ended up having the same problem - I forgot where I left off in the pattern. Come to find out, lace knitting NEVER looks right until it's been finished and blocked. Go figure. I thought I was just bad at knitting lace. Hopefully this particular lace project will turn out well once I finish it....which might take a while, knowing me.

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