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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Patchwork Wrap: Fringe Fixes, Alterations, and the Finished Product

Fringe Fixes

The last time I wrote about the fringe on this wrap, I was faced with a dilemma: more fringe to make than yarn to make it with. The fringe really adds something special to the wrap, so I didn't want to shorten its length. The solution I chose, therefore, was to alternate colors in the fringe border when one of the edge squares was knit in a color I was running low on.

The fringe for each edge square is crocheted in the same color as the half-square that forms the edge. Originally, I tried crocheting the alternating-color fringe by just picking a random color to mix in with the edge color. I decided that this made the fringe look a little clownish and ultimately alternated the edge square color with the color comprising the other half of that square. (I realize that this is a really awkward explanation - it's hard to explain.)

Here's a picture of a square that has alternating-color fringe, so maybe you can figure out what I'm talking about:


After crocheting fringe around both short edges and one long edge of the wrap, I thought that the wrap was complete. Then I tried it on. I looked like I'd fallen asleep on the couch, woken up late, and ran out the door wearing my afghan. The word "babushka" also came to mind.

The long sides of the wrap were....too long. Fortunately, my parents came in town and I was able to get their opinion on the length of the wrap. They agreed that it was enormous. To make the wrap more wearable, I removed 2 rows of squares from it, shortening it about 8 inches. It's now long enough to wrap around me but short enough so that I won't be fumbling with too much excess fabric.

The Finished Product

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