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Some people create to enjoy the finished product. I get my greatest satisfaction from the process of creating. This blog is my attempt to share that process with others.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Inconsistency, Thy Name is Margaret

Real life has been demanding a little more of my time than usual lately. I'll update the blog later this week, since we don't have class on Thursday or Friday. (Thank. Goodness.)

For my few and faithful readers, here's a quick update on my various projects (posts and pics are coming soon):
  • Patchwork wrap: finished the fringe, ended up removing 2 rows of squares to make the garment more wear-able (and less like an afghan), and finally finished.
  • "Garterrific" scarf: finished! I added a little i-cord to connect one of the tassels and have already worn it to class.
  • My So-Called Scarf: started with the leftover yarn from the "Garterrific" scarf, but had to buy a second hank. Still a work-in-progress.
  • Box Lace Stole: started, but I'm only 3.5 pattern repeats in (and the stole has 100 of them). Learned how to work an open cast-on

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