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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Garterrific" Scarf

The Project

The the designer's online instructions are very sufficient to explain how to make this scarf. The only ambiguity in them really is which method of "make one" to use.

I actually used two different methods: when a triangle side was slanti
ng to the right, I made a right-leaning increase; when a triangle side was slanting to the left, I made a left-leaning increase. So, I'd make a left-leaning increase at the end of a row and right before turning the work, but after turning the work I'd begin the next row with a right-leaning increase (because the side switched from left-leaning to right-leaning when the work was turned).


I used the exact same yarn that she did (Punta Yarns Merisoft in hand painted color 71, purchased at Knits by Nana).

I loved, loved, LOVED knitting with this yarn. It has so many different colors but somehow still manages to not look wild and ridiculous - most of the colors in the yarn are softened or muted rather than vivid and bright. Such a lovely use of color. I commend the designer of this project for finding an interesting way of displaying the yarn's colors without detracting from its beauty by an overly ornate stitch pattern. Bravo! The tassels, the triangular shape of the scarf, and the single band of yarn-overs in the middle of the triangle are exactly the kind of details that make a colorful piece visually interesting without being overwhelming.

What I Changed

When binding off, I left two stitches on the needle and used them to make a simple, 2-stitch i-cord. I didn't make the cord very long, just long enough so that the tassel on one side of the triangle would be farther from the corner of the scarf than the other. The reasons I did this were to make the scarf easier to put on and keep on and to make more tassels visible from the front when wearing it.

The Finished Product:

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