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Friday, September 17, 2010

Pseudo-Craft: I'm Rubber and You're Glue

The Problem: I Blew Out My Flip Flop (But No Pop-Tops Were Involved)

Monday was a rough day for me. It was one of those days where so many little things go wrong that the overall effect is overwhelming grumpiness and irrational self-pity. One of these small misfortunes involved my favorite pair of flip-flops.

I love J. Crew flip flops and buy several pairs every summer. I'd go into a lengthy explanation about why J. Crew flip flops are superior in make, color, and fit to other brands, but I don't want to bore you. J. Crew is based somewhere in the US that actually has more than 2 seasons, so they stop selling flip flops in August (apparently there are places in the country where you can't comfortably wear flip flops 8 months out of the year). That's what makes this particular flip flip blow-out so unfortunate: I can't buy another pair until next spring (cue sad-sounding "wamp, wamp, wah" sound effect).

While walking down the stairs from the third floor after my last class of the day on Monday, I realized that my right flip-flop was no longer working properly. I could feel that the bottom of the shoe was no longer being lifted at the same time as I lifted my foot. I looked down at the offending shoe and discovered that the bottom of the shoe (the flop?) had become disconnected with the part of the shoe that goes between your toes (the flip?).

I then had to walk down 3 flights of stairs, through the law school lobby, through the outside seating area, across the street, and through the parking lot to my car with only one shoe on and the other foot bare.

I KNOW that I have other pairs of flip flops. Even other pairs of J. Crew flip flops. But I like THIS pair the best. The metallic brown color matches most of my casual clothing and is no longer available in my size (7). I need to rescue this shoe. It might not be a "craft" per se, but repairing my flip flop will make the pages of this blog nevertheless.

The Search For A Solution

The flip-flop in question is made of rubber. My internet search for "repairing rubber flip flops" produced several solutions:
  1. A large piece of duct tape on the bottom of the shoe
  2. The "Slipper Saver"
  3. Get over it and buy a new pair of shoes (Wikipedia suggested that most people in "developed countries" don't bother to repair flip-flops...thanks, Wiki.)
  4. "Shoe Goo"
  5. Instructions on "how to glue rubber"
  6. The old craft standby, E-6000
So far, I'm leaning towards "Shoe Goo," since it seems to be designed to glue shoes back together and is more readily available than a kit that I'd need to order from Hawaii (just think of what the shipping costs would be!).

Places where "Shoe Goo" can be found:
  1. Ace Hardware
  2. Cabela's
  3. CVS
  4. Kmart
Looks like I'll be doing some shopping. And if all else fails, there's always duct tape.

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