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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Patchwork Wrap: The Embellishments

How a single square looks when it's finished:

When switching over from color number 1 (in this case, the light blue) to color number 2 (in this case, the pink), I cut color 1 after measuring out 30". I then pick up color 2, measure out 30", and tie color 2 on to color 1 at the 30" mark on color 2. Sounds much more complicated than it actually is. You just end up with 30" of each color of yarn hanging loose from one corner of the square. Then you knit the remainder of the square in color 2. The "tails" are then used to crochet the embellishments.

How the "tails" look on a finished square:

The process of crocheting and finishing the embellishments:

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