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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Patchwork Wrap: Crochet Catastrophes, Fringe Fixes

(And Other Annoying Uses of Alliteration and Assonance)

The Mistake:

The patchwork wrap is supposed to have a border of fringe that is crocheted on to the sides of he wrap, changing colors to match the color of each square border. You're supposed to start this edging by doing "single crochets" around all four edges of the wrap. I somehow misread the directions (they even had pictures...) for making "single crochets" and accidentally did a slip stitch crochet border around the entire wrap. Oops...

But I'm not going back to change it. That was WAY too much work for me to go and undo. Plus, the slip stitch border actually cleaned up the uneven garter stitch borders that were made by the increases and decreases required for knitting the squares diagonally. I'm just going to crochet the fringe on to the slip stitches as if they were single crochets.

Another Problem:

The way the fringe is supposed to work is by crocheting 40 chain stitches, slipping a stitch (so that the chain doubles back on itself and becomes half as long, and then crocheting one into the next stitch, from which the next chain will be started. Just one problem: I'm running low on certain colors of yarn. (However, I have a surplus of other colors of yarn) For example, I bought the last skein of Mountain Mohair in the color Blue Gentian that Green Mountain Spinnery had in stock. I can't order another skein of it. So, if I run out of that color before I've made all of the fringe for the squares of that color...I'm just out of luck.

Brainstorm: Possible Solutions?

1. Decrease the length of the fringe by a few stitches, maybe down to 30 or 34.

Pros: speed (I wouldn't have to change colors so often), uniform appearance
Cons: shorter fringe; only a minimal amount of yarn would be saved and I might still run short

2. When doing fringe for a color I'm running low on, I can alternate colors. For example, going one fringe chain in Blue Gentian (the color I'm running low on), then crocheting the next chain in a different color. I'd repeat that process for the length of the square border, alternating between the scarce color and the filler color.
Pros: definitely having enough yarn to finish the project; interesting color variation
Cons: it will take more time to do, and I'd have lots of loose yarn ends to weave into the wrap edges

Advice? Ideas? Opinions? Anyone?

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