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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OMG: I *MUST* Make This

I found a knitting pattern for the most beautiful jacket in Vogue Knitting International magazine.

Reasons why making this jacket is absolutely necessary:
  1. It's knit in Classic Elite La Gran mohair, which is fabulous and relatively affordable
  2. It has a kind of snowy owl/Native American feel to it
  3. It combines my two favorite colors: light blue and white
  4. It's colorwork knitting, which is my new "thing" this year
  5. It was designed by a Project Runway winner
  6. I just wanna...
The only problem is: I already have yarn for 2 other projects on my to-do list. Curses. I've been trying to ban myself from buying materials for new projects long before I'll be able to use them. If I buy the yarn for this project now, it will either sit around waiting to be knit OR the yarn I've bought for the 2 shawls I already want to knit will sit around.

Decisions, decisions. Do I dutifully begin knitting with the yarn I have already, or do I splurge on new yarn?

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