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Some people create to enjoy the finished product. I get my greatest satisfaction from the process of creating. This blog is my attempt to share that process with others.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Inside My Sewing Box

  1. Embroidery scissors with scissor fob (which keeps the scissors from getting lost)
  2. Pattern marking pencil
  3. Free BarBri highlighter (for indicating stitches taken on cross stitch patterns)
  4. Embroider floss bobbins
  5. Two leather "coin" thimbles
  6. Metal thimble
  7. Beading needle threader
  8. Magnetic needle case
  9. Wooden needle case (a gift from mom from Williamsburg, VA)
  10. Tweezers (for removing bad stitches)
  11. Lead for pattern marking pencil
  12. Pink insert for embroidery floss bobbin winder

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