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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Garterrific Scarf/Shawl: Tassels!

The Project:

I found this super-easy, super-cute pattern on the blog of a fellow knitter/crafter: Presents Knits.


The yarn used in the project by Presents Knits is "Merisoft Hand Painted" by Punta del Este Yarn in colorway #71. I bought 2 hanks of it from Knits by Nana, where they were kind enough to wind the hanks into skeins for me. I love the ladies at Knits by Nana. They're always ready with help, advice, and chat. For example, I was trying to choose colorways for this project and couldn't decide between #71 and #56. One of the ladies asked whether the scarf was for me, and when I said that it was, she recommended #71 as the colorway that would best compliment my skin tone. An important consideration! I don't want to look like I have jaundice every time I wear it.

I bought 2 hanks because I want to make the scarf big enough for me to wear as a shawl.

New Technique Used: TASSELS!

My favorite thing about the pattern (besides the excellent juxtaposition of a vividly colored yarn with a simple stitch pattern) is - you guessed it - the TASSELS!

To give my hands a rest from knitting the Patchwork Wrap, I decided to make the tassels for this shawl last night. I've never made this type of tassel before, so it was an adventure.

The result of my tassel experiment:

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