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Monday, September 13, 2010

Delightful Dragon Scissor Fob: Completed Project


I like that the name of this project was the "Delightful" Dragon. Not just any dragon. A "delightful" one. And you know what? It is pretty delightful!

I got the pattern for this scissor fob from Patterns Online, an online cross-stitch pattern vendor that has a great selection of patterns designed by my favorite cross stitch designer, Teresa Wentzler.

I finished this project about 3 weeks ago, but I wanted to share it anyways. I think this little dragon is just so cute! The whole project is only about 3"x3" and stitched on 28-count evenweave fabric, so the stitches on the dragon are so tiny that you can barely tell they're cross stitches. The higher the number of the fabric count, the smaller the stitches will be (and the lower the number of the fabric count, the larger the stitches will be). The dragon and initials were stitched "over one," while the borders of the diamonds were stitched "over two."

My favorite thing about this project was being able to work with blending filaments and metallic threads. I bought the Kreinik Metallics "Gold Collection," which came with several different types of gold threads, blending filaments, cords and braids. I bought the same thing in the "Silver Collection" to get the blending filament in the shade I needed for the dragon's scales.

The beads were pretty fun to work with, too. I used tiny black beads for the dragon's eyes, green beads on each corner of the diamond, and gold beads on the initial side of the design.

I hand-sewed the two halves of the diamonds together and then used some gold cord to stitch around the sides. I don't really know the name of the type of stitch I did, but the effect of it was to cover the seams of the fob with parallel stitches in the gold cord.

I made the braid to attach the fob to the scissors by braiding two shades of green embroidery floss with some gold braided cord and wrapped the flosses and cords around the place where I attached the braid.

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