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Monday, September 27, 2010

Search Your Feelings, Luke: I Should Know Better By Now

After a wonderful dinner with my parents and four of their friends (during which I had the opportunity to talk crafts with Nancy Ketner), I was feeling very enthusiastic about my crafts. Overly enthusiastic. I was determined to finish the crocheted fringe for my patchwork shawl.

I then spent all of Saturday crocheting fringe until I was sick of looking at it. Next, I started knitting the "Garterrific" scarf/shawl. On Sunday, my enthusiasm was undiminished. Once again, I crocheted fringe until burning out on it. The problem came when I picked up the "Garterrific" scarf/shawl. I decided that I didn't like the overall shape, unraveled Saturday's knitting, and then created my own pattern and knitted that. Later in the day, I changed my mind about my made-up pattern, unraveled that, and went back to the original "Garterrific" pattern. I dutifully put on my Tiger Balm before bed last night, but I STILL woke up with stiff hands and a temperamental wrist.

I should know better by now. Too much of a good thing leads to Dr. StrangeGlove.

The only real solution to this problem is for me to exercise some self-control in my crafting, either taking a few days off or switching crafts until my hand feels better.

I can think of one other solution, but it's not exactly "realistic":

In case you're not dorky enough to know who that bionic hand belongs to, here's a hint:

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